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We are open to partnership proposals from companies and professional individuals.


If you want to promote Mozello on your website or blog and earn easy commissions, please sign up to our affiliate program. We pay both on per-sale and per-lead basis.

Web developers and agencies

If you are in the business of building websites for your customers, you can use Mozello as an engine and CMS for your basic website projects. This will save you a lot of time and earn you easy profits. For small projects Mozello is much easier to set up and use than WordPress, Joomla or Drupal and there are no hosting fees or performance issues to deal with. Please check our Agency Reseller program.


Generate automated profits by offering Mozello CMS directly to your own customers for your own price and, optionally, under your own name. You can even become an exclusive Mozello representative in your country or region. Several reseller programs are available offering full integration with your business operations.


If you think you can help us translate Mozello to your home language or if you have found a mistake or grammar or spelling error, please contact us.


Mozello was created using our own capital. We are currently both a growing and a profitable business. We are open to offers from reputable investors who can share our long-term vision and enthusiasm.