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How do I make my website appear on Google?

After you have chosen the final website address and added your content, your website is ready for being included into Google and other search engines.

Websites are not added to Google or other search engines by somebody. They are found and added to search index by search engines themselves. Here is how it works: time after time search engines re-visit the pages they already know about and they look for links to new and undiscovered websites. Once a new website is detected, it is processed and added to the search index.

For your website to be found and indexed by search engines, you can do one of the following:

Tell search engine about your website

Once your website is created, you can tell search engines that it exists. Different search engines provide different procedures.

After you have submitted your website to search engines, it may take anywhere from a week to a month for search engines to crawl and index your website. This is normal and should be expected. Also, once your website is indexed, there is no guarantee that Google, or other search engines, will decide to rank you very highly within the search results. But do not worry, there are many things you can do to improve your results.

If a link to your website is present on another website that is already indexed by the search engine, then after some days or weeks your website will be picked up and indexed as well. Here are some places where you may publish your link:

  • Well established websites of your friends or partners
  • Your other websites that are already included in the search index
  • Your social media profiles
  • Forums and discussion boards

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