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EU VAT display for catalog items

This information applies only to EU businesses.

By default, Mozello does not calculate or display VAT tax for catalog items.

How to enable EU VAT display?

If your company is registered for EU VAT, and you want to sell goods to consumers throughout the European Union, then you must turn on the VAT display:

  1. Log in to your Mozello account;
  2. Click Store and then click Store settings;
  3. Under Taxes, select European tax regime;
  4. Specify your VAT number;
  5. Specify the VAT rate of your country.

EU VAT and price indication

The EU legislation requires, that the pricing of consumer goods is shown VAT-inclusive, thus Mozello catalog expects you to enter VAT-inclusive prices.

If EU VAT display is enabled, then the system will automatically indicate VAT on all orders and invoices that it generates.

Specifying prices without VAT

If you are a VAT-registered business, but you want to sell goods to customers outside of EU or apply a 0% VAT rate on EU export transactions, then you have two choices:

  • Do not enable VAT display at all. In this case your online store will operate solely as a catalog with an ordering option while invoicing, taxation and payment processing shall be done outside of Mozello system.
  • Create a second, separate online store, that would serve only non-EU and business customers. This secondary store would display pricing and accept orders without VAT.

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